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Marlene Chavarria Fritz

LMT, MMP, Esthetician, Lic# 44481
MM 34109

Marlene Chavarria is a massage therapist with nearly 21 years of professional experience. Specializing in pain management, sports injuries, and relaxation, she has developed a comprehensive skill set that addresses a wide range of client needs. Her dedication to the craft and her clients’ well-being has established her as a respected practitioner in the field.

An avid athlete, Marlene actively participates in running, road biking, and golfing. Her personal commitment to physical fitness and sports enhances her understanding of athletic-related injuries and the importance of effective pain management. This unique perspective allows her to provide specialized care tailored to athletes and active individuals.

Marlene is an active member of the Massage Therapy Association, where she stays updated on the latest industry advancements and best practices. Her involvement with the association’s sports team highlights her dedication to integrating sports therapy with massage techniques, further benefiting her clients.

In addition to her expertise in massage therapy, Marlene is a skilled esthetician. She offers cutting-edge treatments, such as ultrasound facials, which help reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone, boost collagen production, and promote cell renewal. Her holistic approach to beauty and wellness ensures that clients receive comprehensive care that enhances both their physical appearance and overall health.

Marlene Chavarria’s extensive experience, coupled with her passion for sports and continuous professional development, makes her a highly sought-after massage therapist and esthetician. Her commitment to providing exceptional care and innovative treatments has earned her a loyal clientele who trust her to support their journey to optimal health and rejuvenation.


License # MA 44481


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